SCA Expo Wrap-Up & New Offerings!

SCA Expo 2018

Thanks to the generous donation of one of our awesome 50/50 Members, our team – including apprentices – were able to attend the SCA Coffee Expo. The Coffee Expo is a worldwide gathering of coffee industry professionals – manufacturers, roasters, baristas, managers, owners, vendors, farmers, importers, exporters...

We stayed quite busy at the Expo!

Our University District location hosted a public cupping with one of our importers, Genuine Origin. If you didn't know, a cupping is much like a wine tasting. Used in the coffee world to make green coffee purchasing decisions, maintain production quality control, and for training purpose, a cupping is a great way to quickly get to know several coffees.

On Friday evening, we hosted a private meeting of other roasters that use the same machine that we use. This proved to be a hugely informative session where we were able to bounce ideas back and forth, gain clarity about some ideas we all had, and build strong relationships with folks as passionate as we are.

Our Roaster was also able to attend a private cupping, hosted by Shared Source, to sample early harvest coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Kenya. There, he was able to secure several coffees that, once the full harvest is completed, will be shipped state-side and sent directly to us. The best part is that all of the coffees are coming from tiny micro-lot farms, which Shared Source works directly with these to ensure higher prices are paid to them for their coffees, work with them on sustainable growing and harvesting practices, and so much more.

After that, our Roaster met with the owners of a farm in Colombia, where they've been focusing on increasing quality and environmental sustainability for the past few years, in preparation to export their coffee for the first time. We're happy to announce that we have taken an active role in this process, and are this farm's first buyers. We've already sampled their early harvest coffees, and our importer is currently sampling them as well. Expect to hear more about this process in the future!

During the expo, our two shop Managers attended several lectures and classes on diversity, equality, and creating a sustainable atmosphere for everyone involved. They were also able to build new relationships with other industry professionals.

On Sunday, two of our apprentices served up delicious coffees to the huge crowd at the La Marzocco Cafe in the KEXP building. They received high praise from coffee industry professionals on their brews of our natural Ethiopia Homacho Waeno and our newest offering from Colombia (which you can read about below).

If you're on Instagram, be sure to check out our SCA 2018 highlights to see photos and video of what we got up to this week! @StreetBeanCoffeeRoasters

New Offerings!

This week, we've got two new fresh crop offerings for you all.

We've got a super clean washed Ethiopia from the Kata Muduga Multi-Purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union. This is a super lush coffee that is going to help you usher in the Spring season, with notes of Watermelon Candy, Hibiscus, Kumquat, and a juicy mouthfeel. This co-op utilizes washing and pulping machines that use less water than more conventional means.

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Also coming up is a tiny micro-lot offering by William Joven and his family, in El Pital, located in the department of Central Huila, Colombia. William's lot won First Place in the municipality's Feria, a competition for local farmers, where our friends at Shared Sourced sat on the judges panel. They recognized the quality of this coffee, and made sure to be the highest bidders at auction.

When we cupped this coffee, we were blown away by the clarity and vibrancy of it, that we, too, purchased everything that Shared Source had, which wasn't much. Little did we know that this was all of it. We're proud to say that we're serving this coffee and representing William and his family's hard work and dedication. We had a ton of observed flavor notes, but settled on these descriptors: Papaya, Peach, Green Apple, Sweet Pepper. This one will serve well iced or hot as well.

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Be sure to snag these new offerings!

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