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Recognized Quality

William Joven is a member of the Coocentral Cooperativa in Colombia, a co-op group of farms that facilitates marketability, sustainability, training, financing, and so much more to its members, and guarantees the purchase of their entire production. William's lots are part of Coocentral's Premium Program, which considers only the highest-quality lots from within their members' farms. In this program, the farms receive higher prices for their product. 

Recently, William entered his microlot crop into the local-run competition facilitated by the Co-op, and won. First place. 

Some of the folks with Shared Source were there on the judging panel. They made sure that they were also the highest bidders when the time came for the lot to go up for sale. 


In William's words:

We pick only the ripest cherries, we harvest together with the workers. When the cherries come to the wet mill, we float them in the water before depulping, to remove both the under and over-ripes. After draining the water to a tank we depulp the cherries and then give the parchment coffee a quick rinse. We ferment the coffee for 40 hours, and then fully wash the mucilage off. The first stage of drying is in a covered platform with shadecloth, this is to remove the free-running water and I turn the coffee every 10 minutes. Then we take the coffee to the raised beds and turn it every half hour until the majority of the water has been removed. We make sure to be observing the whole time, and that drying is in the shade. We try to extend the drying period for as long as possible. We attribute the success of our coffee to this process. Thank you very much for appreciating this coffee.

This dedication to quality and consistency is the reason why William's coffee is recognized as a leader in a group of over 70 producers in the Premium Program.

At Street Bean

You'll find this coffee making its rounds across all of our methods – espresso, pour-over, drip. It's a stellar coffee, and we're excited to share it with you!

You can find retail bags available here.

Payapa, Peach, Green Apple, Sweet Peppers

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