Do Good. Be a Do-Gooder.

The 50/50 Club is now the Do-Gooders! 

Let's put a positive spin on the phrase "do-gooder", shall we?

You'll notice that the 50/50 Club is no longer. Current members will notice a different product being submitted for their recurring orders, but will still receive the tax receipt and perks. 

The Do-Gooder membership allows for more ways to support Street Bean Coffee Roasters and our mission to make lasting positive impacts on the lives of street-involved young adults. 

The Do-Gooder membership now has three levels:

 $10/mo 100% Tax Deductible No additional items
95% Tax Deductible 1 Free Drink each month
$25/mo 100% Tax Deductible

No additional items

95% Tax Deductible

1 Free Drink each month
100g bag of coffee

$50/mo 100% Tax Deductible No additional items
95% Tax Deductible

1 Free Drink each month
1x 300g bag of coffee
3x 100g bags of coffee


This makes it easier for you to find room in your budget to support a local non-profit business that is directly affecting your community! 

Simply visit the Do-Gooders page to sign up!

Makin' our way downtown...

Street Bean Coffee Roasters announced last week [in somewhat secret] that we are opening a new location downtown. This is vital to our program if we want to continue serving street-involved young adults, and become more financially sustainable. 

Downtown Seattle coffee shops see more traffic than other neighborhoods, on average. We expect this location to be much faster-paced than our Belltown location. 

How does this help at-risk young adults?

This is the leading question behind every decision we make. We serve delicious house-roasted coffee because it allows us to teach our apprentices on an entirely different level. We use the equipment we use because it's some of the best in the industry without breaking the bank, allowing us to work with high-caliber equipment while putting more back into the program in other areas. 

A third, busier location will allow us to give apprentices the experience of working in a fast-paced environment. This is vital to working in customer service, fulfillment, and many other industries. The ability to work on a team that pushes out 30 drinks in 15 minutes is a highly marketable skill, and builds confidence and muscle memory. 

Beyond that, a third location will give us the capacity to affect more apprentices every year. 

We're really excited to share details with you as they unfold!

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