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Guatemala Microlot SWP Decaf

Guatemala Microlot SWP Decaf

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 Rum Candy, Swiss Chocolate, Cranberry

Origin: Huehuetenango & Atitlan, Guatemala
Producers: Finca La Maravilla & San Isidro Chacaya
Processing: Washed, Swiss Water Decaf Process

1,500 - 2,100 m

Origin Story

Mauricio Rosales and father Guillermo Rosales purchased 21.84 acres of land in 1997. This land had no structures or electricity, and was only accessible by foot or horseback. Through determination, father and son team established a well-regarded estate - Finca La Maravilla - putting out high-quality coffees year after year.
San Isidro Chacaya is a well-established zero-waste farm of 180 hectares, 46 of which are coffee, and has been family-owned since 1909.