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Erick Perez & Family

Erick Perez & Family
Erick Perez & Family
Product image 1Erick Perez & Family
Product image 2Erick Perez & Family

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Toasted Coconut, Meyer Lemon, Pink Lady Apple

Origin: Agua Dulce, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Producer: Erick Perez Family Farm
Processing: Washed
Elevation: 1,500 m

Caturra, Bourbon

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From our Importer Partner:

Erick’s farm is located near Agua Dulce, in Huehuetenango. Due to low coffee prices and a lack of local opportunities, Erick underwent the dangerous journey to Los Angeles, living there to work to earn money to provide for his young family in Guatemala. His father Adiel manages the farm; we’re promoting the coffee under Erick’s name because we were first introduced to him by his cousin Ader Recinos, and because Erick continues to manage the farm from afar- sending money to make infrastructure upgrades, and suggesting processing improvements based on feedback provided. Erick’s family was recently able to purchase a new lot of land nearby, and we’re excited to cup samples from there when the trees are ready. On the farm, they have Caturra and Bourbon varietals. We made some processing suggestions to include quality this year, including floating cherries to remove the unripe/overripe floaters before processing, and installing a screen that keeps the pulp from entering into the fermentation tank and causing uneven fermentation. When it’s cold, Erick and his family ferment the coffee for up to two days, then fully washes the coffee and leaves it to drain out  before drying it. Drying takes 6-8 days, and coffee is frequently rotated for homogenous drying.
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