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Caramel, Toffee, Dark Chocolate

Los Guacharos Group  / Huila, Colombia
Cruz Perez  /  Huehuetenango, Guatemala
La Mina Farm   /   Nariño, Colombia

This blend is roasted to showcase the innate qualities of each of the coffees, and is perfect for both espresso and drip brew. It's our go-to milk espresso, so if you've been to our shops, chances are you've tasted it!


Eight producers contributed to create this Los Guacharos lot. Each member is dedicated to converting to fully ecological and regenerative production, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. Ripe cherries are picked and de-pulped the same day, fermented, washed, then laid out to dry on shade-covered beds. Once dried, parchment is kept in their homes in high-barrier GrainPro bags to ensure humidity is constant at 11%. Our importer partner (Shared Source) covered the transportation costs to the mill, and the export process, and directly paid the farmers 1.4x the market rate.

Don Cruz Perez is the leader of the Asociación de Desarrollo Flor del Café, a small collective of just 30 producers. When our importer partner (Shared Source) visited this area, the group was selling mostly to the commodity market, where prices being for their produce were far below their costs of production. Shared Source purchased many of the producers’ coffees, with an average price paid of 1,350 Quetzales per quintal (100 pounds of parchment), at a time when the exchange was only paying a flat 550 Q/quintal, and production was around 800 Q/quintal. So, instead of getting 68% of their cost of production, Shared Source was able to pay them 1.7x cost of production.

La Mina is a two-parcel farm operated by Edilma Lopez and her husband, Joaquin Guerrero. After inheriting her first parcel, Edilma was not completely onboard with producing coffee, but when they entered and placed in the Cup of Excellence competition, she was inspired at the idea that she could process lots carefully and be more fairly compensated for them (while knowing more about the final buyer), and slowly returned to focus on coffee.

Edilma and Joaquin are very hands-on. Using a Brix meter to test the amount of sugars in the cherries, they wait until they reach 24 before harvesting. After harvest, they are floated to remove under- and over-ripe cherries. Once de-pulped, they are fermented for 2-3 days - the long fermentation is possible due to the low temperatures found at 1,990 m.a.s.l. Coffee is then moved to Edilma’s sister’s drying facility, which is covered by polycarbonate roofing that blocks all sunlight. Coffee dries for 20-25 days until 11% humidity is reached.

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