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Belltown Blend

Belltown Blend
Belltown Blend
Product image 1Belltown Blend
Product image 2Belltown Blend

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Plum Compote, Swiss Chocolate, Apple Caramel

Ines Perafan’s 5-acre farm, township of Puerto Lleras, Meta, Colombia
Nolberto Olaya, El Rubi town, Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

This blend is roasted to showcase the innate qualities of each of the coffees, and is perfect for both espresso and drip brew. It's our go-to milk espresso, so if you've been to our shops, chances are you've tasted it!


Ines Perafan and her daughter Sandra work together in their home and on their tiny 2 hectare (5 acres) farm in the riverside town of Puerto Lleras. They care for and feed their family and workers, working alongside them as well. They even de-pulp their coffee on their own micro-mill located at their farm. They are also part of the Los Guacharos group, which we also carried this past year.

Nolberto Olaya is a master farmer, producing all of his farm’s fertilizer, and operating entirely sustainably, while maintaining 90% shade cover.
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