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Belltown Blend

Belltown Blend

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Honey, Graham Cracker, Nougat, Caramel

50% Colombia Finca La Venta
25% Colombia Los Guacharos
25% Guatemala Rio Azul Cooperative

This blend is roasted to showcase the innate qualities of each of the coffees, and is perfect for both espresso and drip brew. It's our go-to milk espresso, so if you've been to our shops, chances are you've tasted it!


The main component of this blend comes from Finca La Venta, our first direct relationship coffee, where they focus on building up their community, and increasing quality year-over-year. 
Both the Los Guacharos group and the Rio Azul Cooperative produce their own organic, zero-waste compost. 
All of the farms have something in common – water preservation and conservation, something that is important not only for coffee production but for the environment as well.