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What We Do

coffee that tastes good. coffee that does good.

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides street-involved young adults the opportunity to reclaim their lives, one cup at a time.

In partnership with New Horizons, we use empowering apprenticeships to train & employ young people seeking to exit street life to be your baristas. When you drink Street Bean Coffee, you’re supporting young people in their journey off the streets and into sustainability. 

In 2009, Street Bean was borne out of a need to provide supportive employment training for the young people of Seattle.

Over 800 young people (ages 12-26) in King County spend each night without stable housing. Most have been disconnected from opportunities to succeed due to a myriad of reasons outside their control.

Young people need more than just a job to move beyond street life; they need the opportunity to form a new identity and the chance to discover who they were created to be.

Street Bean Coffee Roaster’s mission is to provide an opportunity for street-involved young people to discover and employ their gifts by serving coffee in our community. Our hope is that this experience will serve as a catalyst to move onto successful future employment.

Every time you purchase a bag of our coffee, you help fund one hour of job training for a young person exiting street life.

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