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Finca La Venta - Direct Relationship

Finca La Venta - Direct Relationship

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Nougat, Cherry Hard Candy, Pluot, Créme Brûlée

Origin: Cajibio, Cauca, Colombia
Producer: Daniel & Natalie Luna, Finca La Venta
Processing: Washed
Elevation: 1,760 M.A.S.L.


Origin Story

We are proud to present to you this beautiful coffee that we sourced directly from Daniel & Natalie Luna. They directly received 90% of the purchase price, with the remaining 10% going to our importer.

Twenty minutes outside of the historic city of Popayán sits the town of La Venta de Cajibio. When the railway was still largely active, much of the town’s economy was driven by the sale of coffee, chocolates, and pandebonos (yucca bread), hence the name La Venta (the sale).

In this town, there sits a piece of fertile forested land known as Finca La Venta. Since 1950, Finca La Venta has been owned and operated by the Luna family, starting with Elisa & Ary José Luna. Now, Daniel & Natalie focus on sustainable, high quality growing practices, and engage with the local community, especially women and children.